Gatwick Airports Recent Flight Cancellations

Gatwick Airport has expressed anger after frequent flights are cancelled due to bad weather conditions which includes the recent snow. The airport has written to the secretary of State for Transport and have requested a solution to make sure that flight cancellations are at a minimum. Flight cancellations cause serious problems to many people’s travel plans both for business and leisure.

The chief executive officer of the airport, Stewart Wingate, said "It just cannot be right that passengers are being asked to accept apologies for pre-emptive flight cancellations. Huge numbers of business meetings and holidays will have been impacted and misery caused to travellers.

The over-scheduling of flights at Heathrow during the winter period should stop, but we also need to maintain and grow our connectivity to the world.

I am proposing that for the key winter months of December, January and February, Heathrow declares a level of capacity it can cope with in winter conditions. The additional flights then, for those three months, can move to Gatwick and Stansted.

As a result there would be better use of the existing capacity at our London airports, safety would be enhanced and passengers will not have to panic every time it snows. London’s and the UK’s reputation is on the line and the airports should work together to make this happen."

The airport has recently invested in a £8 million snow fleet to assist with keeping the runway clear when there is snow. This includes 98 vehicles, with blowers, cutters, snowploughs, and de-icing vehicles. Gatwick airport

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Published on Thursday 31st January 2013

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