Gatwick Airport North Terminal Hotel Bus Collection Point

To arrange collection from Gatwick Airport North Terminal, to the Gatwick Belmont Hotel, you will need to make your way to a specific collection point.

The collcetion point has a free phone system, provided by Gatwick Airport, for you to contact the hotel and arrange collection.

This video shows you exactly where to go:

Collection from Gatwick Airport to Hotel

We offer a shuttle to and from Gatwick Belmont Hotel and Gatwick Airport.

The shuttle from HOTEL to GATWICK operates 24 hours a day so we can get you to Gatwick Airport as early as you need to be there.


Our shuttle service from GATWICK to HOTEL operates between 9 am and 9 pm. Outside these hours you can get an airport taxi for about £8 to £10, which takes roughly 5 minutes.

TO Gatwick 24 hours, FROM Gatwick 9am to 9pm.

If you arrive in the North Terminal, here's how to find the freephone to arrange collection:

On the ground level, follow the exit out of the terminal building, turn right and follow the path around until you see a yellow  phone and a list of Guest House accommodation, B&Bs and Hotels.

Look for GATWICK BELMONT and dial the free phone code stated - 88118 and tell the receptionist which airport terminal and wait at bus stop No.12.

To know which terminal you are at, look on the board with the list of hotels, at the very bottom it states YOU ARE AT NORTH TERMINAL.