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Please note airport transfers are free ONLY when you book our B&B & Shuttle & Parking rates. Room Only and reservations made through other websites and travel agents will incur a charge of £6 per room each way.

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Collection from Gatwick Airport to Hotel

We offer a shuttle to and from Gatwick Belmont Hotel and Gatwick Airport.

The shuttle from HOTEL to GATWICK operates 24 hours a day so we can get you to Gatwick Airport as early as you need to be there.


Our shuttle service from GATWICK to HOTEL operates between 9 am and 9 pm. Outside these hours you can get an airport taxi for about £8 to £10, which takes roughly 5 minutes.

TO Gatwick 24 hours, FROM Gatwick 9am to 9pm.


If you arrive in the South Terminal, here's how to find the freephone:

On the ground level follow the exit out of the terminal building until you reach the pavement, turn left and walk along until you see bus stop No.10. Located on one of the pillars is a yellow phone, enter the free phone code - 89000, state which terminal and wait for collection.

Look for GATWICK BELMONT and dial the code stated 89000 and tell the receptionist which terminal you are at.

To know which airport terminal you are at on the board with the list of Gatwick hotels, at the bottom it states YOU ARE AT SOUTH TERMINAL.


If you arrive in the North Terminal, here's how to find the freephone to arrange collection:

On the ground level, follow the exit out of the terminal building, turn right and follow the path around to the left, walk until you see bus stop No.8 there is a phone and a list of Guest House accommodation, B&Bs and Hotels.

Look for GATWICK BELMONT and dial the free phone code stated - 89000 and tell the receptionist which airport terminal and wait at bus stop No.9.

To know which terminal you are at on the board with the list of hotels, at the very bottom it states YOU ARE AT NORTH TERMINAL.

Please note this service can only be obtained by using the specific freephone. We will endeavour to get to you within 15 minutes but can take longer due to various factors.

Once you have called from the freephone please wait exactly by that phone as this is the only specific point at which we are allowed to pick up from. We cannot stop or wait.

The Gatwick Belmont mini bus can hold a maximum of 8 passengers. When the minibus is over booked we often share runs with another Guest house/Hotel called the Corner House so when being collected try to keep an eye out for them as well.

Gatwick Airport Parking - £6.95 per day

Gatwick Airport Parking at the Gatwick Belmont Hotel includes our shuttle 24 hours TO Gatwick and collection FROM Gatwick between 9am and 9pm.

01293 820 500

Gatwick Hotels with Parking  - Inclusive of shuttle and breakfast

Room & 8 Days Parking

  • Single room + 8 days Parking - from £74
  • Double/Twin room + 8 days parking - from £89
  • Triple room + 8 days parking - from £99
  • Quad room + 8 days parking - from £104
  • Family of 5 room + 8 days parking - from £109
  • Family of 6 room + 8 days parking - from £114

    Onsite Gatwick Hotel Parking

    Room & 16 Days Parking

    • Single room + 16 days Parking - from £84
    • Double/Twin room + 16 days parking - from £99
    • Triple room + 16 days parking - from £109
    • Quad room + 16 days parking - from £114
    • Family of 5 room + 16 days parking - from £119
    • Family of 6 room + 16 days parking - from £124

      Onsite Gatwick Hotel parking

      Call 01293 820 500 or book online HERE

      Remember parking at Gatwick Belmont Hotel can be added at any time to your hotel room

      Click here for a full selection of all our room types at a cheaper rate which DO NOT include airport transfers or breakfast.

      Airport transfers £6 per room each way - Full English Breakfast £7.95 - Continental Breakfast £4.95