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Here at Gatwick Belmont Hotel we also offer a complete parking and transfer package for Gatwick Airport Car Parking or holiday parking.

You can stay close to Gatwick at the beginning of your holiday or at the end of your holiday, and leave your car with us while you are away and we will look after your vehicle and have it waiting ready to go when you arrive back from your trip.

Gatwick Hotels with parking information. 

If you stay at Gatwick Belmont Hotel before you fly
You can leave the car with us, we will park your car and then drive you to Gatwick Airport, then on your return we will collect you between 9am to 9pm and have the car waiting on the forecourt for you to collect.

If you stay at Gatwick Belmont Guest House hotel at the end of your holiday
You just drive to us before you fly off, leave the car with us, we park your car, we drive you to Gatwick Airport. On your return you stay the night and the car is ready to go in the morning after you have had a nice breakfast in our hotel breakfast dining room.

If you don't need to stay with us at all due to your flight times, we can park your car in the same way, drop you to Gatwick Airport 24 hours a day and collect you from Gatwick 9am to 9pm.

The advantages of parking with us means everything is done under one roof - you don't have to drive to your Gatwick Hotel and then drive to a Gatwick Parking facility separately causing more hassle before your flight. You can just drive straight to Gatwick Belmont Hotel, relax and forget about the hassle of your travel arrangements.

Remember we are only 5 minutes from London Gatwick Airport and with 24 hour free transfer Hotel to Gatwick and collection Gatwick to Hotel 9am to 9pm, parking your car close to Gatwick could not be easier.

Our Gatwick Airport Parking is very competitively priced, Gatwick On Airport car parking can be as much as £12 per day, Gatwick Off Airport car parking is from £5 to £7 per day.

At  parking is:

Our parking and transfer package is ideal for all types of traveller, whether you're on a business trip or family holiday this package offers simplicity and convenience. As already mentioned the Gatwick Belmont Hotel parking couldn’t be easier. Rather than parking your car at Gatwick then getting buses and trains to your accommodation, just arrive with us, park, hand your car keys in and let us take the stress away and get you off to the airport. Or if staying, park and come in and enjoy a traditional English meal in our pub style restaurant and a good night’s sleep before getting off to Gatwick.

Our Airport Parking charges

To add parking to your reservation by phone just let us know how long you are away for, if you are making a reservation online there is drop down menu which allows you to enter the amount of days parking you need and it will then calculate the total cost.

To make a reservation for parking without room just phone or email us with your drop off time and then payment is due when you arrive - cash, cheque or card, there is no cancellation policy for parking, if you change your mind, no problem.

Gatwick Airport Parking - £6.95 per day

Gatwick Airport Parking at the Gatwick Belmont Hotel includes our shuttle 24 hours TO Gatwick and collection FROM Gatwick between 9am and 9pm.

01293 820 500

Gatwick Hotels with Parking  - Inclusive of shuttle and breakfast

Room & 8 Days Parking

  • Single room + 8 days Parking - from £74
  • Double/Twin room + 8 days parking - from £89
  • Triple room + 8 days parking - from £99
  • Quad room + 8 days parking - from £104
  • Family of 5 room + 8 days parking - from £109
  • Family of 6 room + 8 days parking - from £114

    Onsite Gatwick Hotel Parking

    Room & 16 Days Parking

    • Single room + 16 days Parking - from £84
    • Double/Twin room + 16 days parking - from £99
    • Triple room + 16 days parking - from £109
    • Quad room + 16 days parking - from £114
    • Family of 5 room + 16 days parking - from £119
    • Family of 6 room + 16 days parking - from £124

      Onsite Gatwick Hotel parking

      Call 01293 820 500 or book online HERE

      Remember parking at Gatwick Belmont Hotel can be added at any time to your hotel room

      Click here for a full selection of all our room types at a cheaper rate which DO NOT include airport transfers or breakfast.

      Airport transfers £6 per room each way - Full English Breakfast £8.95 - Continental Breakfast £4.95